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How to place an order - Only hosting ( If you have a domain already registered )


You can place your hosting order on an already registered domain with the following steps : - 1. Log on to 2. Click on Order Tab 3. Enter your registered domain name in the Domain text box and click on Search 4. It will show "Domain Already Registered" 5. Now select the Option "Self Management" and click on continue. 6. Now select your Hosting Package required & Continue with the sign up form. Note:- While filling the sign up for keep some things in mind, like select proper payment option, and your password should be containing "upper case + lower case + numerical characters " and password shouldn't be a dictionary word. example :- GFDsddg234 Important:- To use your registered domain on the hosting account provided by us, you will need to change your domain's nameservers from the domain control panel provided to you by your domain provider. Change the Nameservers to -

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