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What is INODES and 25% CPU uses?


An inode is basically a file - so say you had 1,000 images, that'd be 1,000 inodes.

The "CPU Usage" just means that you cannot run scripts that 'use up' 25% of the processor at any one time. A non-complicated way of putting it is that this particular clause just makes sure that you don't run any scripts/programs which may harm the server's performance.

An FTP upload generally wouldn't affect this CPU usage rule - the CPU is responsible for working things out and all (sort of), so if you had a script that required 'a lot' of processing, the CPU rule would apply then. But an FTP upload almost definitely wouldn't affect the CPU since it's just a bandwidth (internet connection) sort of thing.

You can read more about inodes here:

We rarely enforce the inode policy. I believe it's only been about a dozen customers we have enforced it on out of about 2 million sites hosted. About the time only time we enforce it is when a customer has million of files and is constantly writing to the disk 24/7 causing file corruption to the server.

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